Jewish Prague


The legend narrates: over thousand years ago the Czech Ruler saw a dream. He got the order from the Heaven: “Alien people will come to you. Receive them and accept them as your own people. Let them live here”. That is the story, how the Jews settled down in this land, and their culture has become a part of the general culture of this country.

At the end of the 16th century Rabbi Levi, the famous  Renaissance scholar, the principle rabbi of the gothic Old New Synagogue,  held in esteem over the whole Europe, was living in Prague. He used to discuss philosophic issues with Emperor Rudolf, the second, the scholar and King of the alchemists. However, Rabbi Levi is mostly known as the creator of the first Robot Golem, a huge clay homunculus. Rabbi was wise enough and found out how to animate him, and Golem was doing simple work around the house.

I have depicted Rabbi Levi on this medal against the background of the widely known jewish graveyard, which is in the center of Prague. His grave is there, and the memorial stone is engraved with his honored name. The legendary personality was a real human being.


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