Old Engraving


An amazing, extraordinary geographical map appeared in the medieval centuries. The female figure with a crown on her head was pictured upon the picture of the continent of Europe. Europe, the Queen! The name, which stemming from the Greek mythology. The word Prague is written at the spot, where the heart should have been. “Prague is the Heart of Europe”. Prague is the center of Europe, the most powerful place with so much energy, the intersection of the geographic coordinates and crossroads of the ancient caravan routes. The whole Europe was coming down to this magnificent place. It was twice, when the city was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, and the Czech Kings were its Emperors. In the 14th century Prague was the spiritual center of the sub-continent, in the 16th century the city was recognized as the main center of magicians and alchemists, it was a financial center as well. Over hundred years ago it was considered as the magical capital of Europe.

 Several old engravings from different periods gave me an inspiration to create this medal. Every following one shows architectural improvements. Today in Prague there are several squares, where one can trace the complete history of the architectural styles, without leaving one and the same place, - Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classic and Modern styles, as well as a variety of modern trends.

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