This year on my mother's birthday father came up with an jdea to make her a wonderful gift - a commemorative medal, which he ordered to me. My caster first saw the plaster model of this medal and he praised me for a good ... self-portrait. Then I understood that this medal was really well-turned in the sense of likeness, because my mother and I are very similar. However, on the photography that I used to work on the portrait, she is only 20 years old. But the rest of the composition reflects the "geographical" milestones of all my mother's life:
- In the distance, at the top - the hills of Kamchatka, because she was born in Vladivostok and then she grew up in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky;
- The following plan - Leningrad, where she studied at the university;
- Closer - Moscow, in which she spent most of her life, when she married my father;
- And finally, in the foreground - Prague, where at first she studied at Charles University and she met her future husband, and where, many years later, she returned for good. I hope that we all together will happily live for a long time in this most beautiful city.

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