My China. Suzhou


In October 2013 I spent nineteen days in China at the invitation of  AoTu company, which got interested in my medals, visiting five big cities from Peking to Guangzhou with my personal exhibitions. After the visit my Chinese friends asked me to create a series of bronze medals "My China", wherein I would reflect my most bright and striking impressions from what I saw.

The city of Suzhou is not far from Shanghai and it is located on the  Grand Canal of China. Since the reign of the Sung dynasty (960—1279) the city has become the major center of silk production in China and it still remains as such in our days. The historical part of Suzhou is penetrated with the network of small channels, connected by the most ancient bridges, and there are very narrow streets alongside the channels — perhaps, it seems it might be the first city located on the water. And that is exactly why Suzhou is often referred to as an eastern Venice. As we usually say, find differences and coincidences by yourself...


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