Viktor Vasnetsov


Once a man from the city of Kirov (the former Vjatka) approached me with the request to make a medal with a portrait of his famous townsman Victor Vasnetsov, the painter. As I have found out later, Oleg was an ardent admirer and collector of everything, that has something to do with Vasnetsov. It was the period when he was organizing the exhibition in the local museum with his own means and forces (thank God, such non-indifferent, enthusiastic people still exist!). And I started working with joy and pleasure because I have always admired this painter, one of my favourite Russian painters, the founder of the peculiar “Russian style” inside the European symbolism and modern painting. Vasnetsov’s painting for me is a wonderful, mysterious world of folk tales and fairy tales, a hymn to the beauty of the native nature, the beauty of the Russian soul, a powerful epic song dedicated to the great past of Russia.

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