Japanese poetry


I hold in veneration the great Japanese painter, who entered the world art history under the pen-name Hokusai, which means “obsessed with  painting". Hokusai  lived a long and extremely fruitful life, he died one year prior when he would turn ninety years old. It is a great pity that he could not live longer, since there were the far-reaching targets set by himself:  "By the 90th years of age I will be able to penetrate into the very gist of the art. By the 100th years of age I will create paintings similar to the  heavenly miracle..." .

There is Hokusai’s drawing, where a man in thoughts is sitting on the ground in front of a low bench and he is going to draw something. My small medal is the confession of love to Hokusai’s art and a tribute of adoration to his talent.

"Is not it a lesson, as one must finish one’s labour -

 The black hieroglyph, red seal."

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