In The Mirror


I am often looking at this medal. It occupies the prominent place in my home.

Since that time I have grown up and I received some life experience. I remember when I, quite of a sudden, have realized that the composition reveals a certain thought, which I, being then very young, did not even think to reveal in this piece of art. Look, it was quite by chance that I spoke about the objective reality – alternation of generations. The children are born, and we are absolutely logically and without any resistance are stepping aside into the background …

But the children grow quickly, they choose their own way, as my son did. And once again in my life I can come back to the foreground. And, thanks God, there is still the time, wish, will and forces to do what I was born for, and what I was destined to achieve.

But such thoughts came later. And then I was just looking for the form in order to show that my dearest son looks so much like his mother – as a reflection in the mirror.

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