Folk Songs on Charles Bridge


One can often hear the following words, when somebody is speaking about Prague: “in Prague only”, “unique”, “the only one in the world”. This can be exactly referred to Charles Bridge – the museum of sculpture in the open air. In fact, one cannot find something similar anywhere in the world. It is decorated with thirty sculptures of the catholic saints in the Baroque and Classic styles, which have been collected during two and a half centuries.

More than 650 years of its existence did not make the bridge look like a dull historical object. It is still living its joyful life in full swing. There are a lot of people there, as well as the music and pieces of art for sale.

But Christmas (the 24th of December) is the most fascinating and enchanting moment in a year, when the people are gathering together and singing the songs dedicated to this feast (the Christmas carols).

As it is shown on my medal (while I am in the center of it).

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