Venice. Casanova


I dedicated my triptych to the wonderful, fantastic city of Venice as my sincere thanks for one of the most joyful and pleasant shocks in my life.

The huge nose is the most ancient and main mask; it was first made not for fun, but as a necessary protective element for the doctors who were practicing during the awful plague outbreaks. They put antiseptic medicine inside, which protected the doctors from contamination. And later on the nose became just fashionable.

I present on my medal in such an attire the famous Venetian – the adventurer, gifted writer, and what is the most important of all – the insuppressible fine judge of the female beauty. Giacomo Casanova, his name became common. After breaking the most well guarded jail, he reached Czechia, where he spent 11 last years of his life. But it will be later on, and as far, “Casanova in Venice”.

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