Venice. Gondola Ride


I dedicated my triptych to the wonderful, fantastic city of Venice as my sincere thanks for one of the most joyful and pleasant shocks in my life.

Venice was built on the water. Most of the city’s streets are channels and not the land-based streets, and since time immemorial the people have been going along them in a special kind of the boats – gondolas. This is a marvelous structure, finely calculated and designed. Nine wood types are used to make a gondola, every wood type has its own density, and 4 types of lacquer, everyone having its own peculiarities. And all these witticisms are only in order to create the most enchanting elegant boat, curved in flowing lines, both vertically and horizontally! A sailor steers the gondola boat with one oar only from one side. Despite the expectations, the boat is moving straight forward, and the sailor is singing a song from the endless complete set of “The gondolier’s songs”.

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