Levka is my husband. We know one another from our first year at school when we were seven years old. We were classmates for ten years at school and starting from the eighth form we shared one and the same school-desk.

 The medal is reversible: the head side bears Levka’s portrait, while the reverse side is covered with bulls, since my husband and I were both born in the Year of the Ox. The bulls are eating the field grass – trefoil (clover), hence, there are three bulls, everyone of them symbolizing one of the features of my husband’s character (power and force, stubbornness, constancy), which are located on three foils. It is incredible, but there is only one four-leaved clover out of every 10,000 trefoils! Since time immemorial many different nations have a belief that  a four-leaved clover will bring love and luck to the one who finds it. Hence, there is a four-leaved clover hidden inside the reverse side of the medal with the word: "Love". This is the symbol of our happiness and love.